Bruchsal, Germany

First tune in Bruchsal at Exil Theater














The German leg of the tour has gotten off to a great start, with no jet lag, perfect fall weather, beautiful train rides, and, best of all, full houses of appreciative guitar fans. Many thanks to Christian from the Jazzclub Bruchsal, and especially to Jörg Dickgiesser, the concert promoter. I’ll be back in April of 2013 for a show during my next tour. In English, here is the opening paragraph of my review from the Bruchsal newspaper. In Deutsch, hier ist eine gute Artikel von die Zietung von Bruchsal:

“It’s easy to love Chris Proctor.  The American from Salt Lake, born 60 years ago in Frankfurt, plays in the relaxed atmosphere of the Bruchsaler Jazz Club as part of their line up for the ‘Jazz on the Wild Side’ series. He proves to be a master of the modern finger style guitar.  This sympathetic musician, whose name is mentioned in the same breath as guitar greats such as Leo Kottke, Peter Finger or Martin Simpson, did not bring a light show or other distractions.  Instead, the listener is immediately drawn into the music’s essence; the melodic and harmonic sounds of the guitar strings, played with unfathomable beauty.”

Second set in Bruchsal concert

Second set in Bruchsal concert

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