• Close and Personal Friends, Sugarhouse Records
  • Ladybug Stomp, Sugarhouse Records
  • The Chris Proctor Collection, Sugarhouse Records
  • Sounds of Wood and Steel III. Windham Hill Records
  • Under the Influence. Sugarhouse Records
  • Only Now, Flying Fish/Rounder Records
  • Travelogue, Flying Fish Records
  • The Delicate Dance/Runoff, (CD), Flying Fish Records
  • Steel String Stories, Flying Fish Records
  • Windham Hill Guitar Sampler, Windham Hill Records
  • His Journey Home, Flying Fish Records
  • The Delicate Dance, Flying Fish Records
  • Runoff, Kicking Mule Records

Books and DVD’s:

  • Chris Proctor- Morning Thunder, Concert/Interview DVD, Vestapol Video
  • Chris Proctor- Guitar Collection, Alfreds/Warner Publications
  • Techniques for Contemporary 12-String Guitar. Homespun DVD/Video
  • Fingerstyle 2000. Mel Bay Publications
  • Only Now. Mel Bay Publications
  • Contemporary Fingerstyle Workshop with Chris Proctor. Homespun DVD/Video
  • Travelogue. Mel Bay Publications
  • Fingerstyle Magic. Mel Bay Publications
  • Windham Hill Guitar Sampler. Hal Leonard Publications
  • Runoff, Kicking Mule