Cafe Des Artes, Grenoble, France, October 16, 2014

CafeDesArtes#1CafeDesArtes#2I just received two photos from Eveline at the Cafe des Artes in Grenoble, where I performed on Thursday, October 16. The day before had been one for the storybooks, with a German train strike turning my relatively simple trip from the Dusseldorf area to Grenoble into an epic 9-connection, run-from-train-platform-to-train-platform adventure that lasted until 1:30 AM on Thursday, with a bus ride from Lyon being the last leg of the journey. Many thanks to Albert Butler and his wife Fabricia, of La Charmetiere B and B in Proveyzieux, who came to pick me up at that painfully late hour, and hosted me for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, at their beautiful inn in the foothills of the Alps, high above Grenoble.

The Cafe was a beautiful listening room on the Rue St. Laurent,  in the old part of Grenoble, along the river. Thanks to Eveline, to François and the rest of the crew. I promise to learn some French before my next visit.

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