Lech Valley, Austria, May 3, 2013

DSCN3101DSCN3091DSCN3090This was the scene of my final concert in Austria, in the incredible Lech Valley in western Austria’s portion of the Alps. I includedDSCN3081DSCN3128 2 scenery shots, one from my lodging in Martinau, and one about 600 meters above the town from mid-hike on my day off. A place to come back to, for many reasons, not the least being that it was my first concert with a grand piano hanging over my head. Thanks to Frankie and Brigitta Enemoser, and to the community that made me feel so welcome. Ich freue mich auf bald z├╝ruck kommen. Now it’s back to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy before returning to work towards the end of May with the final 2 concerts of the Euro tour, in Sarzana and Rome.

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