Bürger Bahnhof, Saturday, October 11, 2014

burger2First, a big thank you to Uli Kopka for transporting and befriending me during my too-short trip to Wuppertal. It was such an enjoyable night that I’ve already bothered him with a request for my return in April of 2016, when I come to Germany for my next tour. Here is a link to some photos that he shot during the show, that will give you a little of the flavor of the event- https://www.facebook.com/buergerbahnhof/photos/a.305593099502070.70755.150382138356501/775796742481701/?type=1&theater

Bürger Bahnhof is a cultural outreach project inside of the Wuppertal-Wohwinkel Bahnhof station, little more than 10 yards from the S-Bahn tracks. It’s staffed entirely by volunteers, hence my desire to start out with thanking him, and the others who helped make the night such a success. I hope to see them all again in 2016.

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