Torino, Italy, Saturday, October 18, 2014

Proctor.1I posted this early, before my show, because I wanted folks to see me as a left-hander, just for a change, or just to make folks wonder, ‘What is wrong with this photo,” (other than the fact that I am wearing a sports jacket? Someone in Torino with too little espresso or too much time in front of Photoshop flipped this shot, and it cracks me up. That being said, Torino is my favorite indoor place to play in all of Italy, and as the last stop of my 8 weeks in Europe, it will set a great tone for my tour and my return. Looking forward to being in my own bed, but it’s been a great trip, with 4 fine shows still to go- Oberhausen Germany for Guitarissimo, Grenoble for Le Cafe des Arts, Proveyzieux for my house concert at Albert Butler’s La Charmetiere Bed and Breakfast, and then, of course, to Torino. Au revoir, bis bald, and arrivederci.

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